Frank Mosley, Jr. - DBA IT Consulting
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Master's degree - Computer Science

Experienced DBA with 20 years as a DBA Consultant, Lead DBA and DBA Project Manager supporting various database environments.

Supported databases include SQL Server on Windows and DB2 on UNIX along with Red Hat Linux. The database environments involve development, test and production systems.

DBA Project Management Experience:

Served as DBA Project Manager for several DB2 upgrades along with migrations from DB2 to Oracle on UNIX utilizing PeopleSoft Financials ERP system.


Professional Association for SQL Server - PASS

Leadership and Business Skills:
Accounting, Budgeting and Finance
Leading Change, Managing Teams, Managing Technical Teams, Managing Virtual Teams, Motivating and Engaging Employees, and Performance Reviews

DBA Skills:

SQL Server Administration

see Creation of a Database see Table Creation see Unique Index Creation see View Creation
see Foreign Key Creation see Insert Rows into Table see Set projects for Jones to NULL see Use DISTINCT
see Joins Three Tables see Indexed View Stage One Creation see Indexed View Stage Two Creation see Create Stored Procedure
see Execution of Stored Procedure see Index Fragmentation Information DMV see Backup DB Using Management Studio see Restore database from backup Using Management Studio
see New Job Schedule for SQL Server Agent see Activity Monitor for SQL Server see SQL Server Export of data from table see SSIS Data Load Project into table
see DBCC Check DB for database see SQL Server Alert for T-log see Blocking in SQL Server see SQL Server Profiler
see Reorganize and Rebuild Indexes see Linked Server Setup and Query see Deadlock detection using SQL Server Profiler see Auto Growth and Sizing of Transaction Log

UDB DB2 on AIX UNIX and Red Hat Linux

Technical Training:

SQL Server Administration

Cloud Computing and Database Administration

Big Data Technology and Database Administration